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CIE-Group launches audio-over-IP PA system

CIE-Group has announced the launch of its new Inter-M AOE212N audio-over-IP distribution system.

CIE-Group has announced the launch of its new Inter-M AOE212N audio-over-IP distribution system. The AOE212N is designed for transmission of voice, music or audio advertising content either throughout multi-zone buildings or across campus-wide, multi-sites, or globally.

Possible applications include retail outlets, university campuses and other large-scale PA/BGM. The system connects via standard TCP/IP to a LAN or WAN, and offers compatibility with a wide range of audio sources.

“Being IP-enabled, the new AOE212N brings PA systems right up to date,” said Chris Edwards, marketing director of CIE-Group. “To deliver on value and functionality, everything needs to be able sit on the corporate network these days, including the PA system. The AOE212N device can distribute content locally and globally, whatever the requirement. It is extremely versatile and can be used as a full-on Audio-over-IP public address system or just a background music system, and is quick to set-up, monitor and control using a simple browser-based user interface.”

The AOE212N offers bi-directional functionality, which means it can operate as either a transmitter or receiver. It creates a distributed audio system by connecting up to eight audio sources to an AOE212N configured as the ‘Transmitter’. This unit is then connected to a standard network via Cat5e/6/6e cabling, transmitting both high quality audio and data (for device switching and RS-232) to up to 60 ‘remote’ amplifier zones/sites over LAN or 20 over WAN. At each remote zone an AOE212N is configured as the receiver and is connected to a standard 100V line or low impedance amplifier.

When used in conjunction with the Inter-M PMU Series amplifiers, the AOE212N is only required as a transmitter device. The PMU amplifiers feature on-board AoIP connectivity and act as both amplifier and audio over Ethernet receiver.

The AO212N also provides simultaneous data-over-ethernet to each channel, allowing for contact-closure device remote control or RS-232 control integration.

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