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Christie’s latest video wall controller on display

TVC-500 video wall controller, for small-to-medium control room and digital signage video wall displays, is said to offer unmatched performance for price.

Christie’s new TVC-500 video wall controller introduces a broad spectrum of capabilities for small-to-medium control room and digital signage video wall displays. It is claimed to offer professional performance and capabilities unmatched by similarly priced systems.

Built for 24/7 applications, the TVC-500 is capable of simultaneously managing and displaying a variety of source inputs across as many as 12 display screens. The TVC-500’s foundation takes full advantage of the latest display processing advances from partners such as HP and NVIDIA. Running off Windows 7, the PC-based integrated platform is managed through Christie’s exclusive MasterSuite Lite software, which makes managing even the most sophisticated display wall projects simple.

More than a standard a video controller, third-party software applications can operate directly off the TVC-500 desktop. Video or DVI/RGB inputs can be positioned anywhere on the display wall, at any size, with extremely fast refresh rates. Up to 100 remote networked desktops can also display via high speed Gigabit Ethernet.

The TVC-500 controller is also compatible with, and equipped to drive visuals to, Christie’s MicroTiles display tiles, which are installed in control rooms, high fashion shops, museums and broadcaster sets.