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Christie Velvet tiles form world’s largest indoor LED videowall

A total of 1,640 Christie Velvet 2.5mm LED tiles have been used for what is claimed to be the world’s largest indoor LED videowall, measuring 409sqm and over 65 million pixels, residing within the Westgate Sports Superbook at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort.

Westgate Resorts teamed up with rp Visual Solutions, Christie and HB Communications to create a curved array measuring 6m tall and 67m wide and spanning the length of the world’s largest sports book.

Along with the construction of the videowall, the Westgate Superbook has been configured to create a stadium-like experience, including over 300 relaxation lounger chairs and a 30m long curved bar that conforms to the shape of the screen.

“To say it’s large is a giant understatement,” said Randy Pagnan, owner and president of rp Visual Solutions. “When we were approached by HB Communications to fabricate the mounting structure for this project, we began the process of how to architecturally integrate this large, curved videowall structure into a reality. After designing came the task of how to install and deploy this configuration on-site. Partnering with HB and Christie to design this project is a huge honour. We knew that we had to exceed their expectations as well as Westgate’s to make this one-of-a kind fan experience a huge success.”

”Westgate has raised the bar and we’re proud to work with them to make this project a reality,” said Kathryn Cress, VP, global and corporate marketing, Christie. “Christie Velvet is the ideal solution for this venue, providing a high resolution LED display, with bright, clear visuals, excellent viewing and accurate colour reproduction. When you choose Christie, we work with you every step of the way to map out a solution that will bring your vision to reality.”

Dana Barron, CEO HB Communications added: “It is exciting to see this project become a reality. HB Communications is very proud to have been part of designing and integrating the largest indoor high-resolution wall in the world. The image size and resolution are breathtaking and have totally transformed the Westgate Superbook into a “must see” venue. RPV has been phenomenal as have the entire team assembled to execute this scale project!”