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CDS launches transparent ‘LucidVue’ OLED display

Crystal Display Systems has introduced the LucidVue transparent OLED display, featuring self-emissive pixels and offering a transmittance rate of around 45%.

Transparent OLED technology eliminates the need for display lighting and a showcase box and provides a number of options for displaying content.

Possible applications include retail, hospitality as well as digital signage and various entertainment environments.

CDS technical director, Tony Large commented: “This new genre of technology adds a further dimension to our transparent display offering, giving some real benefits for high end applications that require an emissive display, it will complement our existing range T-LCD panels.“

LucidVue displays are currently available in a 55in module and utilise the latest production techniques for crisp image quality.

The self-emissive pixels contain four sub pixels, red, green and blue for generating vibrant colours, and the final sub pixel, which would typically be black, is now clear, facilitating the transparency.

Poly-silicon TFTs act as the switching method for the active matrix of OLED generating a sumptuously rich colour palette of over a billion colours, with a 180° viewing angle in both vertical and horizontal planes.

Crystal Display Systems