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Canon unveils two lightweight 4K projector models

Canon Europe has announced the launch of the 4K5020Z and LX-MH502Z installation projectors, with the 4K5020Z said to be the world’s most compact and lightweight chassis.

Canon Europe today announced the launch of the 4K5020Z and LX-MH502Z installation projectors. The 4K5020Z is said to be the world’s most compact and lightweight chassis, delivering 5,000 lumens of brightness.

This interchangeable-lens projector enables high image quality due to the newly developed RS-SL07RST, a 4K lens which utilises Canon’s most advanced lens glass, for powerful and accurate optics. Further boosting Canon’s projector portfolio, the LX-MH502Z is an affordable, best in class DLP laser projector, using pixel shifting technology to achieve 4K UHD resolution.

Both the 4K5020Z, the world’s lightest 4K LCOS projector, and the LX-MH502Z, weighing only 9.3kg, enable a range of projection possibilities, particularly in small or awkward installation environments. The 4K5020Z is equipped with a motorised lens to simplify planning requirements; while the laser diode and yellow phosphor light source in both projectors allow them to be used in any 360° orientation for ultimate versatility. Additionally, portrait projection is possible to meet the needs for digital signage applications.

The 4K5020Z utilises Canon’s recently launched chassis, incorporating a simple spigot fitting, which is compatible with seven Canon lenses. The 4K5020Z is Canon’s most versatile model yet, unlocking a variety of different lenses from the new RS-SL07RST, a dedicated 4K lens, to ultra-wide and ultra-long zoom lenses with just one projector. Driving further stability, the springless spigot fitting and locking mechanism, as used on Canon’s professional broadcast lenses, provides accurate results.

A first for Canon, the LX-MH502Z uses pixel shift technology to create 4K UHD resolution in 3,840 x 2,160, with minimal financial and technological demands. Comparatively, the 4K5020Z produces incredible 4,096 x 2,160 native 4K resolution, to futureproof projector investments. Delivering sharp images, crisp text and smooth graphics, both the 4K5020Z and LX-MH502Z are fitted with two HDMI inputs, offering 4K/60p using a single HDMI cable, plus HDR and 4K at both 60p and 30p respectively. Canon’s high-quality image processors support a multitude of media formats to attain accurate image projection and video playback.

Using a blue laser diode light source and yellow phosphor wheel, the new projectors produce 5,000 lumens for powerful projection with vivid colour and detail, even in well-lit venues. Multiple image settings offer precise content reproduction, including DICOM sim which delivers sharp greyscale for displaying medical X-ray. The wide colour gamut, achieved in the LX-MH502Z through the implementation of a new colour wheel covering sRGB, attains faithful colour reproduction for all types of media. Utilising HDR technology, the LX-MH502Z uses a high dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1 to produce deep, rich, true to life colours, delivering vivid imagery.

To ensure system integrators can take full advantage of the 4K5020Z’s native 4K resolution, today Canon has also launched a new 4K lens. The RS-SL07RST uses Canon glass providing clean, crisp images for industry-leading image quality. With a 1.76x motorised zoom, the RS-SL07RST enhances the projector range, while still delivering perfect geometry.

Boasting a 1.6x zoom and wide lens shift, the LX-MH502Z offers versatility in installation for a wide variety of applications. When projecting in a confined space onto a broad surface, the LX-MH502Z employs a 1-chip DLP to achieve a huge projection range of up to 6.5m-wide.

Facilitating even easier integration, the 4K5020Z boasts a massive lens shift of +/-73% in vertical (or in expanded mode 104%) and +/- 11% in horizontal creating a huge potential projection area. The LX-MH502Z achieves a wide lens shift of +/- 60% vertical and +/-23% horizontal, which allows the image to be adjusted with no need to tilt or reposition the projector.

A highly self-sufficient model, the 4K5020Z is equipped with a 12-month scheduling function, which allows for programming and automation to the power, inputs, lens and calibration for reduced management time. Designed to drastically improve the cost of ownership of 4K projectors, the 4K5020Z and LX-MH502Z are equipped with a laser light source to facilitate 24/7 operation. With a filter-free composition, the LX-MH502Z has a life span of 20,000 hours with nominal maintenance time, no cleaning requirements or lamps to replace. Additionally, both have a quick power on/off function for on-demand use and an Eco mode to ensure long-lasting quiet operation.

To further extend the range of control options, a built-in LAN port and RJ-45 provides greater visibility and control of the device, plus compatibility with Crestron RoomView. Canon’s Canon Service Tool for the PJ app can be connected to the 4K5020Z, allowing the operator to control the projector through a user-friendly interface.

Available on iOS-powered smartphones and tablets, integrators can remotely control the projector and copy settings to other projectors saving time during installation. It also offers the end user support with fault rectification, saving time, money and limiting downtime.