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Campus-wide Hitachi projector rollout for US college

With a decade in projector implementation under its belt, the media team at Arizona’s Glendale Community College had an idea of what to look for when fitting out the 20,000-student campus with new projection technology. After an initial search, which involved fastidiously testing projectors from numerous manufacturers, the team selected an all-Hitachi solution featuring over 300 of the company’s projectors.

Scott Kozakiewicz, manager of media and help desk at the college, was put in charge of a data projector upgrade plan. He needed a solution that was not only bright, affordable and dependable, but also user-friendly. Projectors would be frequently running from 7am to 10pm Monday-Thursday and shorter days on Friday and Saturday.

Kozakiewicz cited Hitachi’s customer support as an important factor in the decision to invest in the manufacturer — several times he’s gathered data from faculty, relayed it back to Hitachi, and seen his recommendations integrated into future projectors.

“The Hitachi projectors provide the necessary brightness to operate in a well-lit room and don’t overwhelm the faculty,” said Kozakiewicz. “Rather, the projectors supplement their teaching and presentations.”

“My responsibility is to provide faculty and students with the latest technology that can enhance teaching and learning, but at the same time I have to be fiscally responsible to our taxpayers,” said Mr. Kozakiewicz. “We’ve been able to deploy and maintain more than 300 Hitachi projectors while satisfying both of these needs.:

“I was one of the first to invest in Hitachi and now many schools in our district have jumped on board as well,” added Mr. Kozakiewicz. “The best products are ones that you don’t need to think about being there—pure and simple, Hitachi’s projectors just work.”