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Liverpool arts institute installs third pair of Audient consoles

ASP8024 Heritage Editions installation part of phase one of a refresh of Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) studios

Two brand new Audient consoles have been installed at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) just in time for the new term. They are the third pair of large format Audient desks at LIPA, and the first ASP8024 Heritage Editions.

The ASP8024-HE was designed to produce the same, “smooth clean sound” as the original Audient console design from 1997, with a few key improvements. Upgrades include Vintage Mix Bus processing, John Hardy Op Amps on the mix bus output and powerful new additions to the Mix Bus Compressor.

The installation is part of phase one of a refresh of the studios. Each console is semi-modular, offering both standard configurations and many bespoke layout possibilities. LIPA’s head of sound technology, Jon Thornton, took advantage of this, ordering a deep meter bridge, keyboard bump and centre producer panel. “The options we specified tidy up the studios and position us well for the next phase of our refit,” he explained.

“We’ll be incorporating a control surface into one of the new consoles to give a ‘hybrid’ approach to tracking and mixing, Thornton added. “Over next summer we’re planning to completely refresh the furniture, layout and interior finish of the two rooms. They are substantively the same as when we opened 26 years ago and have worn really well, but could do with a bit of updating – with the new HEs taking centre stage.

“At the same time we’re planning to make one of the studios Atmos capable – with a focus for Atmos for music. That will then give us our second Dolby Atmos studio to meet the growing interest in this area.”