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Barco projectors used for ‘world’s most realistic ship simulator’

Norway’s Rørvik Safety Centre has completed a major upgrade to its MarinSim navigation and bridge simulator to provide shipmasters with a more realistic training experience.

The simulator uses nine Barco F22 WUXGA projectors and a camera-based auto-calibration tool from German company

“The images are unimaginably sharp, providing users with a very realistic image,” said Helge Svein Gåsvær, CEO at the Rørvik Safety Centre.

The Rørvik Safety Centre has been providing education and training to shipmasters and personnel of fishing vessels since 1994. At the heart of the training sessions is the MarinSim simulator, where seafarers hone their skills in controlling vessels in extreme conditions like snowstorms or hurricanes.

To make the training even more authentic, the Safety Centre has swapped its previous main simulator for a more advanced training device from simulator developer Transas Marine International. Display systems integrator project:syntropy delivered a fully integrated display including a large 240° spherical screen.

The 50sqm room that houses the Transas simulator features a 4m x 12.6m spherical screen, onto which nine compact Barco F22 WUXGA projectors display precise, realistic images of nautical routes and waters. The camera-based auto-calibration solution from ensures a well matched projection geometry and colour reproduction as well as a uniform picture quality across the visual display system.

“We suggested installing a 240° spherical screen as that would give users the feeling that they’re really surrounded by the imaging, when standing on the bridge. The training thus allows for a more precise navigation closer to objects in the water like the fish harvesting cages. Barco’s F22 projector series is ideal for technically challenging and demanding applications like this set-up,” said Malin Hallbeck, key account manager project:syntropy.

“Never before has the bridge appeared sharper than this! The combination of the spherical screen and Barco projectors provides a lifelike digital experience,” added Helge Hestø Andersen, CEO at the Rørvik Safety Centre.

“Both Transas and project:syntropy are long-term Barco partners and it’s good to see them reaffirming their trust in our simulation projectors,” said Espen Olsen, sales director training and simulation Western Europe for Barco. “The Rørvik Safety Centre is considered a true centre of academic excellence that offers high-quality courses. We are proud that we can help them take their training to the next level.”

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