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LEA Professional launches Experience Center at Indiana HQ

Experience Center, based at the HQ in South Bend, Indiana, is a dynamic platform for clients, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to see the integration of the IoT Smart Amplifiers

LEA Professional launches its Experience Center, housed in its South Bend headquarters, in Indiana, offering an immersive environment to explore and experience its Connect Series amplifiers. The Experience Center is a dynamic platform for clients, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to witness the integration of LEA Professional IoT Smart Amplifiers.

“This is where we demonstrate our product line and train our partners — it’s a perfect venue to tell our technology story,” said Blake Augsburger, founder and CEO, LEA Professional. “Technology differentiation is what drives our excitement, and having this type of space allows us to experiment with new IT and DSP solutions.”

Visitors to the Experience Center will have the opportunity to engage with knowledgeable staff, explore the showcased products in action, and gain insights into these solutions so they can enhance their installations.

On display are Connect Series of Network Connect and Dante Connect models, both with identical features with D-units providing Dante and AE67 connectivity. All models deliver LEA Cloud.

“We’re not merely amplifying sound, we’re amplifying innovation, we’re amplifying technology, we’re amplifying experiences,” said Scott Robbins, VP of sales, LEA Professional. “Our singular goal is the relentless pursuit of perfect sound reinforcement — our new Experience Center strengthens our ability to reach this goal, by providing a collaborative space we can share with our customers.”