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EAW launches online training courses

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has launched new online courses, including on ADAPTive Systems, the AC6 Column Loudspeaker and Resolution Software

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) announces its new certification programme: a collection of online courses aiming to expand public knowledge of EAW Loudspeakers and technologies used across each series. These modular trainings include courses on ADAPTive Systems, the AC6 Column Loudspeaker and Resolution Software, and will expand to cover additional products and systems in the EAW catalog.

EAW has launched three new online courses: The first, ADAPTive Level 1 Training, explains the ADAPTive algorithm and takes an in-depth dive into each product. In the AC6 Level 1 Training, participants learn key features of the loudspeaker and how the technology inside can support audio professionals.

The final course of the initial launch, Resolution 2 Core Training, walks through the software and shares an overview of how to build an acoustic model. These new online courses are the first step in obtaining official AC6 Certification or ADAPTive Systems Certification. Once online training is completed, the portal allows students to select an available level 2 in-person training necessary to achieve certification.

Bryan DiFabio, technical training manager for EAW, explained: “As part of this training, students will learn more than just how to use EAW technology. We cover why this technology exists and how it helps customers achieve optimal results. Understanding these two concepts makes for a better user experience.”

Accessed through the EAW website, anyone can take these online courses. Personalised accounts will track users’ completion status. Each course will be broken up into consumable modules, with follow-up quizzes to confirm understanding and assess the user’s technical knowledge. EAW also plans to work with AVIXA to ensure passing participants receive certification for each skill learned. 

EAW plans to expand the modules to offer certification training on additional systems and products. Users can anticipate future training to be available for EAW amplifiers, as well as touring line array and portable self-powered products. 

T.J. Smith, president of EAW, added: “EAW is committed to supporting our customers with comprehensive training that adds value to their business. Expect to see additional offerings and in-person training opportunities in the coming months.”