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Audiologic NEXO system answers audio prayers of Stockton Parish Church

Audiologic works with Sound Source Audio to design a sound system upgrade for the house of worship

Audiologic has worked with Sound Source AV to deliver a sound system upgrade at the Stockton Parish Church that, the company says, “delivers a well-balanced and personal audio experience for all its attendees”. The previous system didn’t deliver uniform audio throughout the listening area, and speech intelligibility was poor due to the acoustics of the space.

Sound Source Audio was commissioned to deliver the project and worked with Audiologic to decide upon the right solution. A series of trials showed the NEXO Array system (two hangs of six GeoM620 cabinet arrays a side, with 2 x ID24 fills and LS600 subs all powered through two NX1AMP4x1 amplifiers) was the ideal solution.

Built in 1712, Stockton Parish Church prides itself on being a diverse, lively and charismatic church with its attendees and community set at the heart of everything they strive to deliver, led by Minister Mark Miller.

“We wanted to upgrade the sound system in the church that would deliver the audio experience for all our attendees that we were looking for,” said Stockton Parish Church minister Mark Miller. “It’s important to me that the delivery of our services is inclusive. Everyone should feel like they are being personally spoken to and the NEXO solution did just that.”

Jamie Harvie, Owner, Sound Source Audio added: “As a business, our model is to form long term personal relationships with our customers and a few suppliers. Audiologic is one of those key suppliers and are a large part of what makes Sound Source successful.

The ability to contact Audiologic for advice and support before placing an order is invaluable. They always provide a great service through the order process, and I can depend on them for help if something were to go wrong. Audiologic’s overall support and attention to detail made this project run smoother than we could have imagined. The result was a great sound system and a delighted customer.”