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‘An equal richness of sound’: New Singapore music venue opts for d&b

The new Tin Box venue opened in March of this year

Earlier this year, new Singapore music venue Tin Box: The Live House opened with an audio system from d&b audiotechnik at its core.

Located below Singapore’s historic Chijmes building complex, the 250-person space is compact, yet equipped with tour-standard staging, lighting, and audio, providing – with help from concert and event management company IMC Live Global – a venue for up and coming musical talent to perform. For its sound reinforcement, the venue installed a d&b audiotechnik A-Series system.

IMC Captasia group director of artist management and development, Joy Yong, spoke on why the A-Series was the obvious choice to power the venue.

“d&b is our trusted, go-to brand for our live shows and concerts,” she explained. “The A-series is more suited for smaller venues such as this live house in comparison to the other models used in large arenas. The sound is in no way harsh and the audience is not subject to fatigue when there are high volumes.”

A basement venue, Tin Box has low ceilings and is only about 240 square meters in size. Yong admitted that one of the challenges they initially had was the low ceiling height, making it difficult to provide even and complete sound coverage. However, the installation challenges were not so much technical as they were aesthetic, with the main concern being that the sound system would block views to the stage. After the installation process was complete, Yong stated there was no obstruction and that the audience has a clear view of the stage no matter where they are in the club.

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The A-Series is suitable for a broad range of applications where coverage flexibility is paramount. Together, the AL60/ALi60 and AL90/ALi90 modules form a system that can scale from a single loudspeaker to a full sound reinforcement solution. 

“The entire show experience is of top-notch quality, not just for the audience off-stage, but for the performers on-stage,” said Yong. “Musicians and singers are able to deliver a high standard of performance, and the audience, from right upfront to the back of the room, enjoys an equal richness of sound.”

This bodes well for a club that books incredibly diverse acts. As the venue features genres from alternative rock to jazz, d&b’s systems are proving they can handle the job. Lauded for being effective at larger venues such as concert halls and arenas, d&b products are demonstrating excellence in more limited venues like the Tin Box as well.