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Ashly Audio amplifiers incorporate Dante for two-system install

Jefferson College in Hillsboro, Missouri recently modernised the sound reinforcement systems in its 2,500-seat field house and its 300-seat theatre, using Ashly Audio KLR-Series and Dante-ready nXe-Series network amplifiers.

The field house is used to host sports events as well as large assemblies, and the theatre, which is located in the Fine Arts Building, is used for drama, dance and music performances. However the existing sound systems in both venues needed to be replaced. David Bick and Josh Rasch acoustical engineers with McClure Engineering’s St. Louis division designed both new systems and TSI Technology Solutions installed the systems.

The field house’s new sound system includes two Sennheiser evolution 300-Series wireless systems, and two Sennheiser MEG 14-40 microphones with MAT 133s bases. Their outputs feed a Shure SCM-810 mixer, which in turn feeds a Harman BSS BLU DSP system. Two additional Sennheiser evolution 300-series wireless systems, a CD player, and a series of existing wired inputs directly feed the Harman BLU DSP system and are controlled in a standalone mode by either BSS Contrio Keypads or via the Harman HiQnet Motion Control app installed on an iPad.

Ten channels of Ashly amplification (one dual-channel 1,000W KLR-2000, two dual-channel 800W at 70V KLR-3200s, and two dual-channel 2,500W KLR-5000s) power a distributed system consisting of nine Renkus-Heinz TRX 151/9 loudspeakers for the main sports arena, four Renkus-Heinz TRX 61 loudspeakers for two low-ceiling areas in the arena, SoundTube CM890D loudspeakers for the lobby, and Lowell 810 loudspeakers for the conference room.

The new front end for the theatre consists of 10 Sennheiser evolution 300-Series wireless systems and a Sennheiser MEG 14040 microphone, along with existing microphones, all of which feed via Dante-networked audio channels through a Harman BSS BLU DSP. This allows for a complete standalone system operation exclusive of the Allen & Heath GLD-80 mixing console. System control is via the Harman HiQnet Motion Control app on an iPad and integrated BSS Contrio Keypads. All Dante network audio channels also feed the GLD-80 as a front-of-house mixer for use during larger events. The system can be further expanded when additional channels are needed through the addition of the Allen & Heath AR2412 portable stage rack.

Two new Sennheiser evolution 300-Series personal monitors complement an existing collection of stage monitors. Output from the GLD-80 feeds a separate Harman BSS BLU DSP system, which in turn feeds (via Dante) ten channels of Ashly Audio network audio amplification: one four-channel 800W nXe 8004, one four-channel 400W nXe 4004, and one dual-channel 1,500W nXe 1.52. The amplifiers power three Renkus-Heinz TRX 81/9 mains loudspeakers in a left-centre-right configuration and two Renkus-Heinz BPS 12-1 subwoofers. Listen Technologies assisted listening systems and Juice Goose UPS and TCP/IP-controlled power sequencers complete both the field house and the theatre systems.

“Ashly has always designed their products to be powerful, flexible, and extremely reliable, and their incorporation of Dante technology made integration at Jefferson College a lot easier than it would have otherwise been,” said Lee Buckalew, sound systems designer and systems engineer at TSI Global. “In addition, the fact that Ashly builds most of its equipment right in Webster, New York makes lead times fantastic. If a change needs to happen, Ashly is always fast with a new order. In addition, it’s never a problem to get in touch with an Ashly tech who can sit down at a bench and load up the product I have a question about. That makes Ashly installations fast and trouble-free.”

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