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“As accurate as writing on paper” – the new Avocor F-series touchscreen displays are out now

Display enhancements can even recognise whether you are touching the screen with a pen, finger or palm, and respond accordingly

AVOCOR, has announced the launch of its new F series touchscreen displays, which it claims represent an important step forward in collaboration display technology, flexibility and effectiveness.

The F-Series, included the $6,995 (£4,295) AVF-6550, the $8,995 (£5,295) AVF-7550 and the $11,995 (£6,999) AVF-8650, which are available now through Avocor’s worldwide partners.

The Ultra-thin and lightweight models are available now in three sizes, including 86-inch (AVF-8650), 75-inch (AVF-7550) and the 65-inch (AVF-6550).

The range, according to Avocor CEO Scott Hix, offer a unique combination of display technology and touchscreen innovation, compelling design and seamless integration into existing rooms, networks and compatibility with the UC hardware tools you use already. These include Zoom Rooms and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem with Teams, Skype for Business and Whiteboard, to show Windows at room scale.

“Our new F series reflects a major step in collaboration solutions that meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving workplace,” said Hix. “We have built on the success of the current F series, improving the touch experience to create a solution that truly enhances collaborative working – it’s feels the most like a traditional no-tech pen-and-paper. It combines that feeling with the connectivity, resolution and power that makes interactive displays such important and powerful collaboration tools for huddle spaces, conference rooms and executive offices.”

The range features Avocor’s new Ultra-Fast 20-Point Optically Bonded F-50 Series Touch Technology, allowing it to read/register up to 20 simultaneous actions (pen strokes) at single time  – enhancing collaboration abilities. 

The specially designed 3mm tipped stylus pens provide users with extremely accurate writing on the display for up to 4 people – and feel nearly identical to writing with traditional pen-on-paper.

Additionally, object awareness means the display can easily recognize whether you are touching the screen with a pen, finger or palm, and respond accordingly enabling users to take advantage of advanced inking and whiteboarding applications.