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Air-cooled outdoor LCD displays from Keewin

Outdoor LCD display maker Keewin is showcasing its ultra thin air-cooled outdoor displays, which can be wall, ceiling or standalone mounted. This new line of products, with particular attention paid to brightness and heat dissipation, has been rolled out to public transport, storefronts, hotels, schools, parks, banks and more.

First time ISE exhibitor Keewin uses in-house technology for brightness calibration, which automatically sets higher screen brightness to compensate for high solar intensity environments.

The displays carry light sensors that detect changes in surrounding brightness and could adjust screen brightness up to 2500cd/sqm. This enables media content to be clearly visible from a distance, even under strong sunlight exposure.

To prevent short and long-term damage to the display due to overheating, Keewin’s patented aluminium modular chassis design increases surface contact with air, which is pushed through the unit by a series of fans. Aluminium’s high heat conductance transforms the entire body of the display panel into a heat sink. A self-developed temperature control system adjusts the fans accordingly.

The thinnest of the new product line is the KWO55, which is as thick as the length of an iPhone 5S (12cm) and offers multiple orientation options. There are fixation points along the rear, top and bottom of the unit for different scenarios of use. It also has a brightness range of 2500-5000cd/sqm, which is automatically adjusted based on the surroundings.

All of Keewin’s outdoor display products are tested to comfortably operate in 50C surrounding temperature and 1200W/sqm direct sunlight exposure. Their IP65 and IP55 rated outdoor products go through rigorous 360º waterproofing and dust-proofing tests. In the midst of the torturous testing, Keewin’s products must also endure a 60ºC bake and remain operating concurrently.

Stand: 8-F195