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Tempest provides an Oasis of projector protection

Innovative concept in outdoor projector enclosures works in almost any climate

Tempest, world leader in projector enclosure technology, has introduced Oasis – a family of IP66 outdoor enclosures, cooled using the latest in inverter heat pump technology, enabling projectors to operate in ambient temperatures from -15 to 50°C (5-122°F). Oasis not only cools, but maintains a constant temperature where it’s needed — at the projector air inlet.

“With Oasis, you get the maximum life out of your laser light engine, and you can say goodbye to RGB color shift with changing ambient temperatures,” said Tim Burnham, president, Tempest. “By harnessing inverter heat pump technology, Oasis can maintain constant temperatures unlike no previous enclosure. This enables expensive laser projector investment to be protected and operate at optimum temperature.”

Oasis models are available for most projector/lens combinations, from 5,000 to 50,000 lumens, with landscape, portrait, ultra short throw and many custom options. It features tough aluminium welded construction and has large access doors on both sides for projector access.

For multi-projector setups, Oasis Multizone systems optimise installation efficiency by using a single compressor unit to serve up to five Oasis enclosures. Multizone systems still allow individual temperature control for each enclosure, and the projector and enclosure types don’t have to be the same.

Oasis maintains its set temperature regardless of outside conditions, 24/7/365. In low ambient temperatures, Oasis maintains a minimum temperature, using a thermostatically controlled heating system.

Oasis comes as standard with 5m (16’) line set connecting the compact compressor unit with the enclosure. A simple and inexpensive connection process is easily handled by any local HVAC installer.