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PSCo launches high resolution Absen 2.5mm LED floor

Highest resolution LED floor display on the market is exclusively available from PSCo in the UK for trade-only rental and purchase

Trade-only display specialist PSCo (part of the Midwich Group) has announced the introduction of the Absen MR2.5, the highest resolution LED floor display on the market. The high impact floor display is exclusively available from PSCo in the UK for trade-only rental and purchase.

The MR series LED floor panel is available in 2.5mm pixel pitch and uses a GOB SMD packaging process resulting in deep blacks with a non-reflective surface. Specified with Brompton R2 processing, the wide colour gamut and high-contrast performance of the MR2.5 produce impressive in-camera performance versus other LED floor technologies.

The Absen MR floor can be combined with Absen PL2.5 Pro Brompton LED walls to create seamless floor-to-wall 2.5mm displays running from the same Brompton controllers. These products are perfectly suited to xR stages and virtual studios, as well as eye-catching corporate and live events.

The product adopts a two-in-one design featuring an aluminium chassis cabinet and a separate optional carbon-fibre sub-floor frame, allowing the option to install a thinner and lighter LED floor solution resulting in increased versatility for a wide range of applications where the floor can be built without adding sub-frames at the bottom.

It adopts a high-strength frame design with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 2500kg/㎡, which ensures safety and durability through challenging on-stage activities. The surface of MR is covered with a matte finish which is easy to clean and features a scratch-resistant layer, creating a long-lasting and high-impact visual staging effect.

“As a trade-only supplier of the latest display innovations, we have been blown away by the MR2.5 LED floor which has been carefully developed by Absen over the last few years to deliver impressive performance and several technical advantages versus other solutions on the market,” said Tom Allott, asset manager at PSCo.

“The MR2.5 can add a serious ‘wow’ factor to live events with this particular product being configured with Brompton Technology processing, it is capable of delivering incredible results from trade show and corporate use all the way up to very demanding on-camera applications in virtual studios.”

The product is available for trade-only rental from September and is on display at Innovation House in Bracknell throughout August, along with a full array of rental display products including Absen LED, new Barco projection, Epson projection, Brompton LED processing, and more.