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Absen PL Series: A corporate high-flyer for VP and XR

Company’s high-performance, broadcast-grade, high-definition LED displays boast a host of benefits over conventional green screen solutions

The past five years have witnessed the emergence of a remarkable new area of technology built around immersive experiences. In particular, virtual production (VP) and extended reality (XR) have had a transformative effect on sectors as disparate as movie production and corporate education – enabling projects to be delivered in a way that is both highly creative and economically efficient.

Take a closer look at the corporate world, where businesses of all sizes and types are exploring the potential of XR to improve productivity, training and customer outreach. Major research projects have shown that customers and employees often feel significantly more engaged with content when it is delivered using VP and XR. It therefore comes as no surprise to find that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of specialist studios equipped with the latest VP hardware and software.

Silvertown Studios is utilising the Absen Polaris PL2.5mm and Brompton Technology advanced rendering software to create immersive backgrounds and landscapes that are breathtakingly realistic

LED displays are a mainstay of many such venues, and it’s with application in mind that Absen has evolved the PL Series of high-performance, broadcast-grade, high-definition LED displays. Incorporating high-grade electronics and advanced mechanical design, the series is available in indoor and outdoor options, and in pixel pitches from 1.9 to 3.9 / XL.

For the uninitiated, LED displays herald a host of benefits over conventional green screen solutions, including:

Superior image quality: LED displays can produce much sharper and more realistic images than green screens. This is because they can display a wider range of colours and have a higher refresh rate.

Greater flexibility: LED displays can be easily customised to fit any size or shape of studio. They can also be curved or angled to create a more immersive experience for viewers.

Easier to use: LED displays are much easier to use than green screens. They can be easily repositioned or changed as required.

The PL Series has already been adopted by a number of leading VP facilities, including Silvertown Studios. Based in East London, Silvertown is currently utilising the impressive Absen Polaris PL2.5mm and Brompton Technology advanced rendering software to create immersive backgrounds and landscapes that are breathtakingly realistic. The set-up also allows actors to interact with the virtual environment in real-time, which yields a performance that is compelling and also saves time in post-production.

Meanwhile, Absen partner Bazelmans AV, based in Veldhoven, Netherlands, has upgraded its XR offering by creating a stunning virtual studio using Absen’s PL2.9mm. Bazelmans AV has been working within XR for quite some time with Absen products, and seeing its value, has continued to invest, especially with XR in such high demand.

The studio has hosted webcasts, live-streamed productions and video recordings to allow clients using the studio to reach employees, customers,  and even shareholders! Indeed, corporate clients have been enthusiastic adopters of the studio, using it to embrace XR and the wider virtual world.

Let there be no doubt: virtual production is a powerful technological trend that revolutionises the creation of video content. As the surrounding ecosystem of solutions evolves, Absen looks forward to supporting the creation of more groundbreaking work with its PL Series and other class-leading products, including the PR Series. As a result of the fast-moving nature of virtual production, Absen has designed the PR Series to make way for the next generation of VP. Developed as a professional platform of products for virtual production LED wall solutions, and with two sizes and pixel pitches ranging from 1.5 to 5.2 mm, the PR Series satisfies the needs of any virtual production.