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New supply chain tech consultancy set to “transform” tech firms

Lucinda Faucheux leverages her vast industry experience in new consultancy venture, LuFau Consulting

AV and system integrator industry veteran Lucinda Faucheux has launched LuFau Consulting, an independent consultancy that specialises in transforming tech businesses by helping them achieve their goals of driving lean, efficient and reliable supply chains while optimising workflows and driving down costs.

“My time spent in the AV industry illuminated a clear gap in the market,” explained Faucheux. “It’s a common theme that many system integrators (SIs) do not employ someone who is specifically focused on supply chain management. It is difficult to find candidates with the relevant AV technical knowledge and, with the challenges of our current economy, justify hiring them permanently. I’m confident this is a void my consultancy services can fill.

“Lately, many businesses have been restructuring or undergoing transformations, and with LuFau Consulting I want to offer a helping hand in these transitional periods. When it comes to optimising processes and forging a path forward, it’s not uncommon for companies to require some external expertise.”

Having occupied key roles within Diversified, Vega and Netpractise, Faucheux has over 13 years’ experience in supply chain management and procurement, with the credentials to prove it.

“I’ve worked with some large players throughout my career,” she added. “Incorporating many of the methodologies and processes learned with these corporations, I’ve developed my own unique holistic approach over time. My clients will benefit from this multifaceted, analytical approach to solving problems, as well as the extensive network of industry contacts that I’ve amassed over the years. Whether they be manufacturers, distributors, service providers, or 3PLs – I pride myself on building and retaining strong relationships across the board.”

While her primary client base consists of system integrators, she has already been approached by several manufacturers, who also feel they could “benefit from strategic optimisation and transformation,” according to Faucheux. “I’m extremely excited to embark on this venture and help companies in the tech space realise their potential!”