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Exclusive: AV consultant on the power of services

Faye Bennett, AV and technical service strategy consultant, discusses the benefits of AV services for the channel

The global pandemic fast-tracked communication technology, generating new working habits that are firmly cemented in the corporate landscape, boosting video conferencing suites as corporations redesigned meeting spaces to accommodate the return to the office. Even the industries hardest hit by the pandemic are bouncing back with innovative projects to pull audiences back through the doors. There is no denying the added value derived from technology. Still, there are, and understandably, hesitations from end users surrounding investment and user experiences commanded by the ever-changing requirements of the new-age, post-pandemic world. 

One of the critical challenges end users face is the need to attract and retain employees via its technology offering within remote and in-office environments. Generated by the influx of hybrid environments, there is pressure to implement easy-to-use AV systems that enable multiple working styles whilst enhancing company culture. 

Some of the major concerns for end-user teams arise from employees wanting the same fluid collaboration experience they get via their personal devices. Replicating this across several meeting spaces for widespread teams can be overwhelming for end-users, but ensuring the chosen AV system and software interface is intuitive and backed up with AV support services helps to alleviate any issues.  

By no means are services a revolutionary concept, but they will revolutionise how a business operates. AV support services can go beyond traditional break-and-fix support to create real value for end-users that aid their business and commercial goals. AV services offer flexibility and reassurance to all parties, but challenges and pain points need addressing for the offerings to be successful and create real value for end-users.

The ultimate goal is to create tailored services that offer adaptability and resolve pain points whilst prolonging the life cycle of the initial installation, enhancing usability and adapting to ongoing changes. 

By taking a consultative approach to conversations in the early stages of the project, AV experts can help end-users to uncover the finer details of their requirements, including what’s a priority, what’s already working and what’s not. This will help to establish where change is needed for a better user experience. Service solutions could include remote or onsite system maintenance, device management, training, user adoption and event support style services.

Taking an open two-way conversation approach, sales teams can confidently upsell or cross-sell with existing relationships that already see value and quality instead of trying to forge new relationships.

It’s important to remember that to any service offering needs to be confidently delivered and fulfilled to meet customers expectation This requires a robust business plan and roadmap for service developments and deployment, which starts with a thorough internal business assessment to evaluate the focus areas and gaps.  

In return, end-users are armed with tools and long-term benefits that underpin the evolution of the business landscape and workforce. For the AV business, it’s a way to mature its offering and differentiate in a competitive market. It secures recurring revenue, increases customer loyalty, decreases churn and brings in new and renewed opportunities to keep installations profitable and innovative.