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Mighty Brighty: Turning walls into screens

The ability to turn pretty much any wall or flat surface into a projection screen is what Mighty Brighty’s business is all about. The company notes that many people still project on to an untreated white wall, which produces a poor-quality image. According to the company, buying a projection screen can sometimes cost almost as much as the projector itself – and there’s a good chance that the screen will stretch out of shape over time.

Mighty Brighty Projection Screen Paint is what the company proposes. The foundation of the screen is the BaseCoat, which also determines the contrast level. A checklist allows the user to determine the right amount of ContrastBooster to be used, and this sets the grey level of the BaseCoat for the screen area. Possibilities range from matt white to ultra grey (high contrast).

After applying the BaseCoat, a TopCoat is required. Using the same checklist, the user determines the amount of BrightnessBooster, which sets the gain value for the TopCoat. Mighty Brighty offers a gain range from 0.9 up to 1.4.

An option is the MagneBorder, which is said to greatly heighten contrast perception of images on the screen. A magnetic paint must be applied prior to the BaseCoat and TopCoat; the magnetic borders can then be easily placed and removed from the projection area.

At ISE 2015, the company is featuring a new demonstration video on how to apply its paint-on screen on a wall.