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TOA HX-7 speaker is compact yet flexible

The HX-7 Variable Dispersion Loudspeaker is new from TOA, who says that it responds to the need for a more compact yet flexible high-performance speaker for auditoriums, concert halls, challenging houses of worship and sports venues. Like its smaller sibling, the HX-5, TOA claims that the HX-7’s variable configuration (vertical angle adjustment of between 15 and 45 degrees) allows it to be deployed in places where many fixed configuration speakers cannot.

The 2 x 5in LF + 1in waveguide-loaded HF driver (x4) complement featured by the HX-7 is said to deliver higher SPL and power handling, as well as extended low frequency response. A matching 15in high-powered subwoofer (FB-150) completes the HX-7 solution. Optional hardware for flying, wall/ceiling or stand mounting is also available. A black or white finish, as well as “WP” outdoor versions, are available.

Also featured by TOA on its ISE stand is the company’s new Q-HA-1000Y long range slim array speaker which is said to be able to spread sound over 600 metres – compared with a conventional speaker which can cover only 300 metres, TOA says

Although designed for applications where this long range sound transport is required – such as airports, skiing locations, factories, public squares, leisure parks and so on – the new system is also said to ease intelligibility over standard distances and under extreme situations.

While sound from conventional speaker overlaps and interferes with the output of other speakers, according to TOA, the Q-HA-1000Y uses array technology with horn speaker units to ensure high speech intelligibility. The sound is said to be soft nearby the speaker and clear even far away. The company says that its coverage means that the number of speakers deployed can be reduced.

Stand: 3-A120