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SpeakerCraft debuts AIM LCR FIVE Series

Adding to its speaker line, Core Brands audio company SpeakerCraft is debuting its new AIM LCR Series in-wall speakers to the EMEA market.

“The new SpeakerCraft AIM LCR Five Series is our new top-of-the-line in-wall series, designed to complement every high-end home theatre,” said Matt Dever, Core Brands product manager, audio, at ISE 2016. “We developed these two new models with top performance in mind, adding Kevlar woofers and an aluminium-magnesium tweeter to AIM’s patented pivoting baffle to create a more realistic and enveloping sound stage that focuses the sound directly into the listening area.”

Superior response across the frequency spectrum, greater clarity and richer, tighter bass are said to define the AIM LCR Five Series, making it appropriate for use with flatpanel video monitors, SpeakerCraft said. The AIM LCR5 Five is a 2-way, in-wall LCR (left, centre, right) speaker with dual 5.25in Kevlar woofers and 1in tweeter mounted on a pivoting speaker baffle. The speaker offers two 5.25in woofers phase plugs for easy use and an independently pivoting 1in aluminium-magnesium dome tweeter. The AIM LCR5 Five features bass and treble EQ switches and delivers a 48Hz-20kHz frequency response, with power handling of 100W and adjustable impedance of 8/6 ohm. Each speaker offers a sensitivity rating of 91dB 1W/1m.

The AIM LCR3 Five is also a 2-way, in-wall LCR speaker but with compact dual 3in Kevlar woofers and a 0.75in aluminium-magnesium tweeter mounted on the pivoting speaker baffle. The AIM LCR3 Five delivers a 60Hz-20kHz frequency response and includes a two-position treble EQ switch and 8 ohm compatibility. Its power handling is 60W and it has a sensitivity rating of 86dB 1W/1m.

Stand: 1-N53