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Smart home can be built in a day

Dutch project developer VolkerWessels has chosen Belgian company One Smart Control for its pioneering MorgenWonen construction standard, where a home is built in a single day. One Smart Control technology acts like the home’s brain, seamlessly aligning energy monitoring, technology control and safety and comfort functions.

VolkerWessels’ homes, made to the construction standard MorgenWonen, are assembled entirely in the factory. Every working day, three homes are assembled at the building site, ‘plug-and-play’ style.

These high-quality, sustainable homes are entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy. In 2018, about 800 such MorgenWonen homes will feature One Smart Control.

Bert de Haes, co-CEO at One Smart Control, stated: “More and more property developers are starting to offer smart homes as a standard.

This is because of consumer demand on the one hand, and one the other, regulations that require them to construct energy-efficient homes, and that needs to be proven, which is what we make possible.

They are really obliged to put their money where their mouth is; if they say it’s an energy efficient home, they have to prove it. VolkerWessels is an early adopter in that field.”

One Smart Control technology is added at the heart of the energy process, with a unit in the attic concealing technology such as heating, ventilation and heat pump.

This brain of the entire technical installation monitors not only energy, but also provides additional safety and comfort functions.

Hans Fabri, a director at Homij, VolkerWessels’ installation company, commented: “It is a strategic choice to build homes in a sustainable way. In doing so, One Smart Control does more than simply provide an insight into energy consumption.

The system allows the performance of each individual installation to be optimised. The platform is easily connected to traditional electrical installations, which limits the cost of investment.

And residents choose for themselves which home automation applications they wish to activate.”