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SM Series aids huddle and meeting room collaboration

The SM Series from TechLogix Networx is redefining the usability, versatility and cost of huddle room, meeting room and classroom collaboration, the company claims. The system provides both AV switching and display control for the cost of most 40in displays using table insert controllers and a professional-grade switcher.

The system supports an under-table mounted switcher and up to three table inserts that lock securely to conference room tables or podiums. Connectivity is available for HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort source devices.

The table insert design provides connectivity for sources such as laptops and tablets, as well as display on/off and source selection control, which is designed to be simple enough for any user to understand with virtually no training.

According to TechLogix Networx, an entire meeting can be run with only two buttons: an ‘on/off’ button, and a ‘show-me’ button, which switches the active input channel to the table insert on which the button was pressed.

The system also features automatic switching for sources that are not connected to the table inserts, such as media players, fixed PCs, or document cameras. When a source is connected and/or powered on, the system will recognise the input and automatically switch to that channel.

Stand: 5-V100