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Simultaneous streaming served up by Barix

The AudioPoint Pro Server significantly extends the reach of AudioPoint 3.0

Streaming to on-site mobile listeners with the lowest possible latency, Barix’s AudioPoint 3.0 audio-to-mobile platform will be showcased at ISE. 

The company says it has been deployed in venues around the globe to enhance digital signage and live presentation applications with high-quality, IP-delivered audio. The new AudioPoint Pro server significantly extends the reach of AudioPoint 3.0 by enabling simultaneous delivery to more than 2000 listeners on their own personal devices. 

Combining robust encoding hardware with free iOS and Android apps, AudioPoint 3.0 streams audio to smartphones over local WiFi in near-perfect lip synchronisation with associated displays and live presentations, according to Barix. 

The AudioPoint system establishes a unicast connection to each listener to ensure reliable, quality audio experiences over WiFi networks. While the AudioPoint 3.0 encoder hardware directly supports up to 250 simultaneous listeners depending on software options, the AudioPoint Pro server takes the output from the AudioPoint 3.0 encoder and can distribute it to over 2000 concurrent subscribers over mesh WiFi networks with QOS management.