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Signs of the times

The digital signage industry faces a number of challenges ahead as it grapples with a range of factors affecting the supply chain, including ongoing lockdowns in China, the war in Ukraine and rising inflation and prices.

In a keynote session during the Digital Signage Summit yesterday, Florian Rotberg and Stefan Schieker from Invidis Consulting said that although the industry is growing again, with a 21% increase in units sold globally in 2021 to 6.9 million, it’s less clear what lies ahead. 

“It’s very difficult to tell what the future will bring,” observed Schieker, who noted that prices have increased by 30% in some cases.

At the same time, digital signage is becoming increasingly business critical and plays an important role in both the business and user experience. One of the most pressing topics, Rotberg said, is sustainability, with 80% of the carbon footprint generated by operational factors. The key here, he said, is to focus on power consumption, recycling and more to improve the industry’s green credentials. 

During a panel session titled New Approaches to Digital Signage Integration, Jonathan Wharrad, VP global retail brand experience at Mood Media, noted that system integrators and platform developers need to work with the manufacturers “to actually get them to drive that power consumption down” and understand the “lifecycle management of equipment”.

Visitors to Hall 6 at ISE this week have been treated to an inspirational showcase of digital signage and DOOH technology and applications, with a particular focus on the retail sector. Exhibitors have been displaying the types of innovative solutions that have helped bricks-and-mortar stores bounce back after the disruptions of the past 27 (or so) months. 

Successful digital installations should be relevant to the concept of the shop and to clients passing by. “With AV you can excite the customer by making the experience of the store an end in and of itself,” said Markus Deserno of invidis consulting, which produced a programme for the ISE Retail Stage with Retail & Brand Experience World Congress. 

“There should be no irrelevant digital installations,” he advised.

In the adjacent Retail Showcase, complete with zebra crossing and street lamp, you can learn how to set up in-store sensors for everything from product inventory tracking to customer interaction and to window dress digital windows with mobile app interaction and smart scanning. The exhibit is with the support of Intel, Samsung, Philips, NEC, LG, Nexcom and Vogels. 

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