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Screen vinyls join Premiere league

First-time ISE exhibitor Alkor Draka has 60 years of experience in developing materials for projection screens, including front- and rear-projection vinyl, as well as laminates. Its films are designed to meet very high technical requirements, particularly in terms of light diffusion, gain, picture quality, surface finish and printing, and are already used for all types of screens, with applications in cinema, events, and meeting rooms.

Where minimum manufacturing quantities are not prohibitive, it can work with clients to develop a customised product specifically tailored to their needs, but, to minimise the impact of manufacturing quantities, it also offers its Premiere range of popular screen vinyls, in roll form.

Apart from the usual high level of standards and controls that are applied to all high-quality European manufactured vinyls, it has also developed additional controls for its screen materials, such as those for Fire Performance certification or the influence of the surface, emboss and colour, on gain.