Oray showcases screen up to 20m wide

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ISE 2015 visitors looking for large projection screens up to 20m in width are heading to the Oray stand, where the company is showing off its Polichinelle High-Speed screen. The French company can custom manufacture screen sizes between 7m and 20m for applications such as festivals, concerts and conferences.

Operating off a 250V supply, and using a motor rated at between 1.0kW and 1.8kW and capable of continuous operation without thermal cut-out, the highly rigid screen typically rolls up or unrolls at an average speed of 0.5m/s.

As outdoor locations, in particular, are susceptible to power cuts, the Polichinelle is equipped with a number of features to mitigate such occurrences. A security brake is featured, for example, while end stops are held in memory.

Delivered with a roller tube of either aluminium or carbon fibre to minimise weight, the screen can be either suspended or mounted on a boom and is programmed via a PC for adjustment of end-stops, rolling speed and so on. Oray can provide installation, or alternatively, the screen can be easily installable by an appropriately trained user.