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Revolabs’ wireless Executive Elite

A new four- and eight-channel scalable wireless microphone system will be introduced by Revolabs. The Executive Elite is based on a new distributed architecture and can be expanded to provide up to 160 channels in a single deployment.

The system’s remote antenna receiver and base digital signal processing units connect via a standard Cat6 cable with power over Ethernet (PoE) support to facilitate installations. This means that the system’s remote antenna receiver unit can be placed in the same room as wireless microphones, vastly improving wireless connectivity.

Executive Elite’s new microphones have been redesigned to offer “an elegant Fortune 500 look and feel”, superior audio pickup, improved signal-to-noise ratio, easy operation, and enhanced digital signal communication over wireless links.

For longer talk times, the various microphone types allow for up to 12 hours of continued usage and intelligently conserve power when not in use. To reach beyond the system’s standard four or eight microphone channels, the Executive Elite receivers can be synchronised, allowing the system to utilise up to 80 (Americas) or 160 (rest of world) audio channels for its wireless microphones in any given deployment.

Stand: 12-A92