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InfoComm 2013: Revolabs introduces wireless boardroom mic solution

Revolabs' next-generation wireless microphone solution for high-end boardrooms offers AVB connectivity options, a remote antenna receiver and base DSP unit, and a Cloud-based management system.

Revolabs has introduced the next-generation Executive Elite four- and eight-channel wireless microphone solution at this year’s InfoComm.

The company’s new flagship product, which now forms the platform for future products, is targeted at unified communications applications in boardrooms and conference rooms. The solution, which includes Revolabs’ secure AES-256 encryption, features dynamic key updates every 60 seconds, AVB connectivity, analogue and USB audio output options.

Executive Elite separates the remote antenna receiver unit from the Executive Elite base digital signal processing (DSP) unit. The remote antenna receiver and base DSP units connect via a standard Cat6 cable with power over Ethernet (PoE). The remote antenna receiver unit can be placed in the same room as wireless microphones, improving audio quality.

The system also introduces Revolabs’ redesigned microphones. For longer talk times, the new microphones – which include omnidirectional, directional, gooseneck (6in and 12in options), wearable microphones, as well as XLR and mini-XLR adapters – allow for up to 12 hours of continued usage. The microphones also intelligently conserve power when not in use, enabling stand-by times of up to 72 hours with a remaining talk time of at least one hour.
Revolabs OTATM technology allows the system to utilise up to 60 (Americas) or 120 (rest of world) high-definition channels for its wireless microphones in any given deployment. When switching to high-density mode, the receivers can tap into even more channels, increasing the number of supported microphones even further. By calibrating radio settings, the Revolabs remote antenna receivers can also reach any number of microphones for the ultimate in flexible communications.

To better manage and monitor performance, Revolabs Executive Elite is also providing new local and remote cloud-based system management. Users can obtain real- time information on microphone status, audio and radio signal strength, and overall system performance directly from the unit’s display or via the local Web-based interface by connecting a laptop or tablet through a USB port. For remote capabilities including third-party managed installations, Executive Elite offers a simple Cloud-based management environment to provide all Executive Elite customer-specific installations on a single screen.