New rental LED video tiles

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Both an outdoor and an indoor rental LED video tile are making their debuts on the Gtek stand at ISE 2017.

For the outdoors, Innopix 5 is a 5mm or 7mm, IP65 outdoor LED video tile running 4,500 nits. With a design patented in China, the US and Europe, it offers a flex and flat two-in-one design, with built-in curving hardware from -45° to +45°, or locked into flat (0°) mode.

Eight panels can form a circle, the smallest diameter of which is 1.27m. Innopix 5 is capable of both horizontal and vertical curved screens. It comes with 12in Box Truss mounting on rear and above, with 10 additional m10 rigging points. It also has a built-in corner protection system.

For the indoors, Eco System comes in 2.9mm, 3.2mm and 3.9mm formats. With similar features to Innopix 5, it comes with magnetic pre-installation, plug-and-play power box, a cable-free connection and magnetic modules. Front and rear modular maintenance are both available and it’s compatible with the company's Eco Flat series for multiple applications.

Stand: 8-N277