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Ayrton adds to LED product collection

The latest products to hit the market from LED lighting design specialists Ayrton are the MagicPanel 602, NandoBeam 302 and MADesign luminaires.

The latest products to hit the market from LED lighting design specialists Ayrton are the MagicPanel 602, NandoBeam 302 and MADesign luminaires. “Our new products generated a fantastic amount of interest at Prolight and Sound 2013 which turned out to be the best trade show ever for Ayrton,” says Ayrton’s export manager, Valère Huart-Gyors. “Word is spreading as Ayrton develops as a company with more and more distributors across the world. It is not so common to be innovative in this industry and people like our unique concepts and projectors like the RollaPix, VersaPix and MagicPanel. MagicPanel 602 is really an eye catching projector which many lighting designers and rental companies are extremely keen to use. “For the show we used a bank of 25 MagicPanels on the rear wall of the stand alongside 65 Nandobeams, and a floor constructed of 126 DreamPanel Floor HD18 tiles. The lighting design was extremely dramatic and showed just some of the creative possibilities these new units can facilitate.” The MagicPanel 602 wall wowed the visitors with its array of moving head video panels demonstrating infinite rotation in both tilt and pan axis, each one spreading part of an image or graphic in colour and contour. With thirty-six 15W Osram RGBW pixels, the MagicPanel produces a powerful, tight 7° beam and can be managed by ArtNet, RDM or DMX. It produces a sharp edge, multidirectional light beam, with a 600 W power consumption. NandoBeam 302 is an elegant, compact 300W LED moving head. It has nineteen 15W Osram RGBW LEDs arranged in three independently controllable crowns within a small round head; the widest crown is split into two to enhance the effects. Ayrton has developed a lightweight and extremely innovative optical system for hard-edged beams with an ultra-quick zoom from 8° to 40° which also allows wash applications. MADesign is a new product which addresses the question of how to light a corporate event using a professional projector. MADesign is a tall, reclineable mast light with five adjustable, individually controllable, RGBW LED sources and 45 mm high performance optics that allow an infinite palette of rich, pastel or saturated colours. MADesign also features an optional backlight on the rear of the fixture. This versatile interior architectural luminaire has been developed to light both objects and people and is designed for fast implementation and effective service.