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New ground force for entry-level market

A new outdoor living brand, AcoustaScape Landscape Audio, has been announced at the show. The first AcoustaScape offering, the AS41 Hi-Fi system, includes four 4in camouflage satellite speakers and an 8in in-ground subwoofer, which all remain completely hidden from sight in the landscape foliage.

Origin Acoustics claims the system projects perfectly even sound coverage directly into the listening area with equal volume. It begins shipping in Europe in March.

Users can expand the system by adding up to four additional satellite speakers, for greater coverage up to 2,500sqft. These AS4SAT speakers are sold in packs of two.

The two-way satellite speakers deliver a wider dispersion and require no separate amplifier – they take power from any source component zone 2 output. The 8ohms per channel impedance matched hi-fi outdoor system is equipped with 50W.

Jeremy Burkhardt, CEO Origin Acoustics, said, “AcoustaScape Landscape Audio is a turnkey solution for simplified in-ground performance audio. Our engineers exceeded our expectations with both performance and price point, with the new AS41 hitting an industry benchmark.”

“This is unique for the European market,” claimed Burkhardt. “Origin Acoustics is sold in the most high-end luxury dealers, but Acoustascape is focussing on entry-level audio systems. You can run Acoustascape on the B-channel of a normal home theatre receiver. It’s really easy to wire. We believe the European market will sell thousands of these between now and the end of summer.”

Stand: 5-R119