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New features for Sommer’s Cardinal conferencing range

The Cardinal DVM 194 series has been updated, bringing new features to the modular range of devices for conference and training room systems.

The new devices can be fully assimilated into the IP environment, and have a LAN link out for structured wiring. The devices are intelligent and will recognise each other within the network.

Functions across multiple rooms or buildings, such as automated stand-by or activation, are very easy to program, claims the company, while set-up can be quickly achieved without programming skills through an integrated web interface.

The DVM-194-CON Media Controller establishes connectivity for media and input devices. Instruction macros can be freely defined and entire instruction sequences created via the web interface. Four RS232 interfaces allow a bi-directional communication with the connected devices. There are also 12 momentary switch interfaces and 12 freely programmable LED outputs.

The DVM-194-AMP Mini High-Performance Amplifier delivers 2 x 100W into 4 ohms, and has a cubic content of less than one litre. This is provided by class D power amp technology with passive cooling, which produces almost no waste heat. A built-in DSP allows up to five fully parametric filters, one delay plus level control per channel.

The unit offers full remote control of functions, as well as the local operability via a high-resolution display with intuitive menu navigation. The LAN interface allows monitoring of the operating status of the device at any time.

The DVM-194-AMIX Automatic Mix Machine offers automation for most operating parameters, such as establishing automatic level control on the microphone channels to keep the level at the desired preset value. There are two mix buses and one docking bus, four microphone inputs and three line inputs, one of them digital as SPDIF.

The DVM-194-HDS Picture Source Selector can route up to four HDMI picture sources to two HDMI outputs and can be fully automated once integrated into the LAN environment and the DVM-194 network.

The DVM-194-AF interactive connection panel and the manually controlled DVM-194-MIX analogue mixer complete the new set of modules.

Stand: 7-D173