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Mobile UC gets more power, using less power

The latest version of TrueConf for Android has a re-invented user interface that is optimised for business users, with extended user search options, avatars, improved sound and video.

The new interface in TrueConf Mobile 1.2.2 allows for communication between different subscribers on different communication channels at the same time, including connection to common landline telephone networks via integration with corporate PBX. Communication itself has become even more comfortable and social thanks to the implementation of avatars.

Switching between Address Book, chat windows and call history is now possible via horizontal swiping, and a new drop-out menu on the left contains links to all important instruments.

There are also important background improvements, including improved sound quality and echo cancellation, increased group conference and video call performance, improved server search and connection speed to increase communication quality, and all this with lower battery power consumption.

“Our customers tend to use mobile devices in order to increase co-operation in their companies more often. Cross-platformity, high communication quality and mobile application availability – those are the most common features that clients want to see in their videoconferencing system nowadays,” said Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO.