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LSC Control Systems helps to enhance Dubai’s dining scene

Company's tech is at the heart of the dimming and power distribution installations at two of Dubai’s latest and most desirable fine-dining experiences

Technology from LSC Control Systems is at the heart of the dimming and power distribution installations at two of Dubai’s latest and most desirable fine-dining experiences. Specified and installed by Loud DXB for Solutions Leisure Group, the APS (Advanced Power System) and GEN VI systems from the Australian manufacturer provide both quality of performance and peace of mind for client and supplier alike.

At Dubai’s new En Fuego restaurant, a colourful and vibrant Latin American-themed dining destination at the The Palm Dubai’s Atlantis resort, Loud specified both an APS configurable power system and GEN VI intelligent dimming/direct power system from LSC Control Systems. Meanwhile, for another of Solutions Leisure’s latest attractions, the Asia Asia restaurant and lounge with its ancient Spice Route theme, sited on Dubai’s stunning Business Bay, they again specified LSC’s GEN VI system.

As Loud’s lighting designer and consultant for the project, Ben M Rogers explains, these are not simple eateries, but full-on entertainment environments. “The aim is to craft an engaging narrative that delivers an outstanding and memorable guest experience,” he said. “So the décor, lighting and styling need to match up to the food and drink on offer. We work to ensure the environment is dynamically lit to adjust to the daily operational needs, often transforming from a high-end dining experience into a late-night party and show venue.

“Our systems all have a theatrical DNA, with colour changing and high fidelity dimming to allow this precise scene development and flexibility. We use industrial grade LED filament and decorative sources, requiring precise dimming, coupled with a mix of automated and colour changing sources needing stable power, with the advantage of remote switching so we aren’t needing to run certain parts of the rig 24/7.”

Rogers praised the industrial build and quality of the systems, with their clear front panels, multiple outlet connection options and “perhaps most critically, the quality of dimming and the stability of the GEN VI units. Dimming LEDs is still a refining art. We typically end up with some dimmer circuits with just a single 3W filament, and some with 40 or more. The GEN VIs handle this range comfortably, which is critical for us.”

Loud will soon have completed more than 30 high-end installations across the Middle East.