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Microphone transmits audio and control data

Claimed to be a world first, the Audio-Technica ATND971 Cardioid Condenser Boundary Network Microphone is said to bridge the gap between audio and IT as the first wired microphone to transmit audio and control data together over Audinate’s Dante network protocol. Dante has become a go-to method of networking for many audio professionals; a plug-and-play solution, it uses standard internet protocols to distribute digital audio and control data with very low latency.

A simple Ethernet connection allows the ATND971 to communicate across an existing network of Dante-enabled devices and – with the microphone’s programmable user switch – control any of those devices at the push of a button. Described by Audio-Technica as a perfect fit for boardrooms and other meeting spaces, the ATND971 boundary mic is said to feature simple, inexpensive Ethernet connectivity and outstanding sound quality.

A red/green LED status indicator and an integrated user switch control functionalities such as video camera pan/tilt, room lighting presets and more. And, points out Audio-Technica, since Dante can support up to 512 bidirectional audio channels, the microphone offers an easily scalable solution.

The ATND971 is powered by network PoE and features Audio-Technica’s UniGuard RFI-shielding technology and UniSteep low-cut filter.