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Metaverse in a room

A form of virtual reality without needing to wear any headgear. That’s the promise of the immersive room, an interactive space that you can physically walk in and around.

Massimo Pizzocri, VP, video projector sales & marketing at Epson (pictured), said: “There is an opportunity for customers not only to view the information but to be inside of it and to be part of a different sensory and information experience. We want to bring this concept to market at a reasonable cost.”

The solution pairs three Epson projectors displaying images over three walls with another projector, controlled by Igloo Vision’s media server. This makes the space interactive. Immersive workspaces are the type of technology that might traditionally be found in bespoke and expensive CAVEs.

Jake Rowland, head of business development EMEA, Igloo Vision, said: “Our partnership with Epson is shaking that up and making it more accessible to a wider market. University departments, academies and colleges are a key market. In the future we are looking at enterprise.”

Rowland suggests one in ten meeting rooms in a business could be a fully immersive collaborative space with surround projection and video conferencing.

“It could be an interactive space shared between different departments,” he added.

Other attractions on the Epson stand at ISE include a professional display ‘lab’ where you can test out multi-projector set-ups such as EPPT blending; and a fully-set-up high-end 4K home cinema room. You can also visit an experiential immersive room showing the power of projection mapping complete with anamorphosis and trompe l’oeil effects.