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Layout-ready editor in control

The latest version of 42 Controls’ software suite now includes a media library editor for its Octo GUI, allowing users to upload content directly to the Picturall Octo. It also provides thumbnails and extended media information for all images and video files present on the Octo’s FTP server.

In addition, a new layout editor, works with all compatible 42 Controls hardware. It makes it quick and easy to set up hardware, simply configure your control flow and virtual consoles for cases where you just don’t have enough desk space.

Predefined actions can be assigned to buttons, thumbwheels, joysticks and rotary encoders via drag and drop. For more complex control requirements, custom actions can be programmed with the PIDEF visual programming tool.

Connect input elements like buttons and joysticks to your program logic and let PIDEF handle how a button press triggers your functions. With a virtually unlimited number of layers, users can implement dynamic nested menus and complex control hierarchies that can transparently interact with each other. Videlco distributes 42 Controls.