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KNX connectivity for music streaming, building security and more

Manufacturers clustered around the KNX Association hub in Hall 7 showed off a host of new devices offering KNX connectivity.

The Corlo Touch KNX display features glass surfaces and chromium-plated frames and controls room temperature, sunshade, ventilation and light via the KNX bus system. The touchscreen also displays switches and rotary controllers for manual operation of a building system.

The ITP 1000 VOIP intercom from EMT Controls offers special vandalism protection, glass touchscreen technology and an embedded RF-ID reader. ITP1000 delivers full-motion video over IP intercom offers wideband audio intercom for clear communication and video security.

The KNX proServ controller, from iKNiX & BleuCommAzur, offers a brand new product database that enables the design of KNX user interfaces on smartphones, using standard ETS software.

Also on the KNX stand, trivum showed the new AudioBox, a KNX-compatible retrofit music system in a high quality aluminium frame, as well as the audio actuator 4x, which offers planners and electricians a complete four-zone multiroom music streaming system for distribution cabinets.

KNX Visualisation Apps allow the Divus Touchzone to combine the functions of an Android device with building security functions. The seven-inch glass multi-touch panel can be used as an intercom unit and multi-room control panel.

Divus Optima is a new KNX solution that features a side-scripting module that supports application scripting to expand the KNX Server and KNX Superior touch panel. The server software and hardware interfaces can be used to implement and develop basic user functions, in addition to Sonos and Dune scripts.