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ISE 2016: Alcons provides sound for Audio Solutions Theatre

Providing the sound system for the Audio Solutions Theatre is ISE Technology Partner Alcons Audio.

“Being a theatre right in the middle of a noisy trade show,” said the company’s managing director, Tom Back, “it requires special attention to get perfect speech intelligibility in the seminar space – while, at the same time, preventing noise leakage to the show floor as much as technically possible.”

“And,” he laughed, “we’re trying to do that in front of an audience that knows all about the technology. It’s no easy task, and requires dedicated precision tools to get the job done.”Alcons has installed a pro-ribbon sound system, comprising two arrays of six LR7 line-array modules each and two BC332 cardioid subwoofers.

The LR7 consists of one 6.5in woofer and the RBN410 4in pro-ribbon driver for the mid and high frequencies. Due to the all-natural cylindrical wave-front of the RBN401, Alcons claims that the LR7 offers very sharply controlled throw and coverage, with a very high gain-before-feedback right under the array.

“Think Lavalier mics on stage,” smiled Back.

The BC332 is a self-contained cardioid subwoofer, featuring a front-positioned X-vented 18in high-output woofer and a rear-positioned side-vented 15in high-output woofer. This set-up, combined with the integrated processing of the ALC, offers a 22dB rearward rejection of low frequencies.

Both the LR7 and BC332 are powered and controlled by proprietary Sentinel 4-channel amplified loudspeaker controllers – in effect, a system controller with integrated power amps on board. A 4-in/4-out matrix enables analogue and digital AES3 inputs up to 192kHz sampling. The Sentinel has Signal Integrity Sensing on board, dynamically and automatically compensating for the effect of long speaker cables.

Recent projects that feature the Alcons LR7 micro-line-array systems include the University of Aachen Germany; St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Manhattan, NY; the Royal Conservatory in The Netherlands; the Swedish National Theatre Stockholm; and the Broadway-upcoming production of Bright Star.

Stand: 6-H152