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ISE Digital Art Gallery: a thought-provoking visual treat 

Created by online streaming platform WindowSight, the ISE Digital Art Gallery, located on the walkway to the Audio Demo Rooms in Hall 8.0, will host a series of hourly art exhibitions on 36 Samsung displays.

ISE has partnered with Catalan start-up WindowSight to create the ISE Digital Art Gallery, which is set to enrich the main walkway to the new Audio Demo Rooms in Hall 8.0. Based in Terrassa, Barcelona, WindowSight is an online streaming platform that transforms any TV or digital display into a vibrant canvas.

For this project, WindowSight collaborated with 30 world-leading artists and photographers to prepare 30 exhibitions exclusively for ISE 2023, showing a total of 540 masterpieces. Both sides of the 100m walkway will be filled with 36 Samsung professional digital displays – 18 on each side – showcasing two exhibitions simultaneously each hour. 

Attendees will get a chance to experience the mesmerising works of Steve Winter (pictured), Gerd Ludwig, Tim Laman, Cinta Vidal, Babak Tafreshi, Iris Scott, John Stanmeyer and other creators on big screens. Additional displays will share detailed insights about the content as well as the creative minds behind it. 

 The exhibitions will run throughout the whole of ISE 2023 from 31 January to 3 February from 10:00 to 18:00 each day (16:00 on Friday) along the main walkway to Hall 8.0. Every exhibition will be presented twice during the show. 

Open to all attendees, the gallery promises an outstanding visual and thought-provoking experience. Among others, the exhibitions will bring a broad variety of topics such as:

  • The impact people can have on our planet, showcased by NatGeo photographer George Steinmeitz’s Feed the Planet collection
  • National Geographic photojournalist and famous big cat lover Steve Winter will be showcasing his exhibition The Tigers Next Door which influenced President Biden to sign the Big Cat Public Safety Act in December 2022
  • Teresa Llordes highlights the beauty of Catalonia’s Industrial Heritage through her black and white photography
  • Jordan J Lloyd revitalises and colours historical images of the past with his collection The Past Brought to Life, depicting scenes such as the iconic D-Day in Normandy or Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech.

The gallery will give visitors a fresh perspective on how modern society can benefit from the inclusion of visual art and photography into homes and offices.

“We managed to organise this project through the concept that our platform serves; give unlimited access to visual art through TVs, magnifying the power of art and photography, addressing topics of paramount importance such as Steve Winter’s story,” commented Oriol Rosset, co-founder and COO of WindowSight. 

The experience can also be enjoyed after the show. All collections, artworks, artists and other relevant information exhibited during the event can be found in WindowSight’s app, among more than 200 artists and 12,000 artworks, with free access to everyone.