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iRoom launches its first tabletop iPad dock

The company’s first tabletop iPad docking solution, and what is said to be the first iPad Pro compatible docking solution in the industry, is being launched at ISE 2016.

Like its predecessor, the iBezel, the iTop from iRoom is not only designed to dock and charge the Apple device, but has many more intelligent functions. Six quick access buttons can integrate with all major control brands, but can also send IP control commands to IP controlled devices directly.

A programmable smart motion sensor can activate the iTop and it includes a POE+ power supply.

The iTop is also compatible with the iPad (Air 1& 2 and iPad 4), iPad mini (all generations) and the iPhone (5 and up). However the latter connects to the iTop through an innovative method of adjusting the Apple Lightning connector up and downwards.

Marc Hofer, CEO, iRoom, said: “A common criticism of using the iPad is that it needs to ‘wake up’ and you need to navigate to the control App before you can do anything with it. The iBezel adds eight and the iTop six hard buttons on the exterior of the dock, which means integrators can program the most common functions into the product to provide immediate access to the lights, AV systems, HVAC, whatever you like.”

Hofer explains that the buttons are all customisable in terms of the icon used and can be programmed very easily, using a simple list within the control App, which looks similar to the menus found within an Apple product.

The buttons can link to major third-part control systems like Crestron, AMX, Savant, Control 4, RTI, and more or act completely independently and control any IP addressable product via its open system architecture, effectively making the product an automation platform on its own.

Stand: 5-R78