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Soundtube: IP-addressable speakers powered up

The new STNet IP-Addressable speaker system from SoundTube provides a rack-mountable 16-port switch with 40W of power via a proprietary Power over Ethernet connection – standard PoE systems typically provide up to 25W.

For increased flexibility in installation, the STNet-Switch can be set up to work with SoundTube’s IP speakers or other products using standard off-the-shelf PoE plus switches. The IP speakers may also be externally powered, for use with standard Ethernet switches.

Current speaker models in the system include the in-ceiling IP-CM52-BGM, IP-CM52s-BGM, IP-CM62-BGM and IP-CM82-BGM, and the surface-mount IP-SM500i-II. Additional speaker models are in development.

The system uses the CobraNet audio standard as its backbone, allowing each SoundTube speaker on the network to be individually set up and equalised. Each speaker can receive different audio signals and is continuously monitored by the system to provide report-back status to the main control point.

Any speaker failure will trigger an alarm (either visible or audible), and the system can be configured to send an email message to the installer. The STNet is compatible with all other CobraNet-enabled control systems, and multiple SoundTube switches may be linked for large speaker systems. Besides the 16 Ethernet ports, the STNet-Switch includes two gigabit ports for linking switches and a WAN port for connection to an outside network.