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Instant visualisation with total control 

Making its debut at ISE is the AdderView CCS-MV 4224, command and control multiviewer switch for sharing 4K video, keyboard and mouse, plus audio between four computers. It’s designed to allow users to optimise workspaces to their own specification with pixel-perfect, simultaneous visualisation of up to four video signals on one or two monitors. The customisable, colour-coded, on-screen windows enable users to instantly choose how data is presented with mouse cursor movement to switch between sources in real-time and without latency. 

With native 4K UHD video performance and enhanced connectivity options with hybrid dual DisplayPort and HDMI ports, the multiviewer also provides users with the ability to copy and paste text between target computers and access sources on a network when combined with an AdderLink Infinity IP KVM matrix.

Rafael Serrano, senior product manager, said: “This is a new concept for the operating room. We are creating a more user-focused, workplace for the operator, launching a multiviewer that has the capability to integrate four different signals coming from four different computers. The user can adapt the layout, allowing the operator to know immediately what’s going on in the control room and make decisions more swiftly.”