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I like to Moviik Moviik

A fully-integrated solution to digitally optimise customer service at each touch point, Edigma and Moviik are presenting a fully integrated platform.

Integrating queue management, customer experience, digital signage and object recognition, the solution showcased on stand gives the user a fully automated experience, while providing the store owner the ability to organise and manage content such as product specifications and promotional campaigns.

Visitors to the stand can see Edigma’s interactive video wall which features a bezel-to-bezel that can provide a near seamless picture across multiple screens. Edigma’s OLED interactive kiosk also featured on stand is a slim, double-sided digital signage and wayfinding solution. These are powered by Moviik’s software platform that optimises each customer touchpoint by improving the queue management flow and customer service.

The Edigma object recognition table presents a physical experience for the user. On stand is a fully integrated retail solution able to digitalise any store to showcase a range of products, display promotions and communicate new products and services with instant updates. Product comparison capability and innovative touchpoints, such as the ability to call staff help from the object recognition table, are also available.