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Peerless-AV: Going with the HDFlow

The next generation HDFlow wireless multimedia kit; a range of Video Conferencing stands offering increased mobility, reduced system cost and improved aesthetics; a fixed videowall floor stand; and further videowall configurations using the Twin Pole Modular Series; these are among Peerless-AV’s introductions at ISE 2015.

The latest HDFlow, which works with both analogue and digital AV or IT sources, enables even longer-range, reliable, real-time transmission of 1080p HD and passive 3D content up to 68m to flat panels or projectors through walls and ceilings for multi-room streaming. The new HDFlow has three HDMI inputs, plus HDMI pass-through output.

Users can wirelessly stream AV content to up to six HDFlow Pro Receivers using one transmitter (seven with the pass-through), using its new Multicast programming feature.