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Finger on the pulse

Pulse-Eight MD Martin Ellis

Designed and manufactured in Poole, England – near the highly exclusive Sandbanks district, where visitors can find the world’s most expensive coastal real estate – Pulse-Eight’s products help users share games consoles, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and more around the home.

The products’ special selling point is that sound from installed speakers will always match what the screen is showing, managing director Martin Ellis told the ISE Daily, without the need for any additional controllers or switches.

Screens on the stand showed an action-packed movie, proving that even when sound is routed through its equipment, low latency means that the sound is perfectly synced. All of Pulse-Eight’s matrices feature full online monitoring with uniquely designed installation tools such as link quality test and real-time temperature monitoring.

Also on the stand are products from the Zektor brand, including the ProAudio audio distribution range, which enables maximum audio distribution and control including volume, balance, bass, treble and a five-band graphic equaliser on each of the eight zones, plus audio delay functions and digital to analogue conversion.

Stand: 9-B173