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The end of infrastructure

The dominance of cloud and the demise of boxes was predicted by Dr Dinesh Tripathi of Kramer Electronics during ISE’s Unified Communications (UC) panel yesterday.

“People have been communicating for years but today’s digital world is different,” noted Tripathi. “For the next generation of products, we must make it easy for end-users to connect devices and get collective work done that can then be shared. In the future, we’ll have an app to communicate and end-users won’t have to worry about infrastructure.”

Chaired by Innovad’s Tim Albright and hosted by Kramer, the session brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss current UC market challenges and visions of
the future.

Onstage, Jan Willem Brands of Barco, Paul Krizan of AMX by HARMAN, Patrick Stewart-Blacker of Crestron and Clint Hoffman of Kramer USA discussed the need for technologies to become simpler to use in increasingly small, informal spaces like huddle rooms or ‘third spaces’ like coffee shops; rooms where even the walls are disappearing and to which people bring a plethora of personal mobile devices with which to connect.